1.2.14 release

Release date: 28 October, 2022


  • Added current Vueform version to $vueform.version.
  • Added rules & related options to GroupElement & ObjectElement.
  • Added reinitValidation() method to elements.
  • Added tree & flatTree props to Vueform component.

Bug fixes

  • Submit steps on Finish in FFX broke in some versions.
  • List first instance didn't display instantly when a prototype got defined on the flight if list was in a group.
  • Aria didn't display for certain elements eg. Group, Object.
  • Element's container class is now added to inline layout's container.
  • Multifile resort images in stage 2 refresh fix.
  • Axios now works with an instance provided to config.
  • Refresh order fields in object lists when storeOrder changes or reseted.
  • Reset list children when directly resetting lists.
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