Introducing the New AI Assistant

12 April, 2024

Adam Berecz

In the world of technology, integrating AI isn't just a trend; it's a game changer. With the latest update to @vueform/builder: 1.4.0, Vueform introduces its AI Assistant feature.

This AI assistant is designed to simplify your form creation process, allowing you to generate custom forms with a single command. Whether you need a straightforward "business loan form" or something more specialized like "medical history form with allergies, sport and eating habits" the AI Assistant has you covered.

You can choose from two different modes: "Quicker run" and "Better result".

In "Quicker run" mode you can generate a basic form with the most important fields, a couple of select options and mostly free text input fields in about 10-15 seconds. It's a great way to get started with something very basic and build from that.

The "Better result" will give you, well, better results in terms of variety of fields, prioritizing choice options over text inputs. In 30-40 seconds you can have a wider range of relevant fields with extensive option lists.

The AI assistant is in beta available and currently for free in our online demo and in licensed versions:

Try it out

What's Next?

We're looking at expanding the range of fields and configuration options, leveraging AI to craft content for different parts of your forms, and even exploring possibilities in image generation.

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— Adam

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