ElementAddon โ€‹

Used by elements to render addons before or after input fields.

Options โ€‹

Find below the list of options that can use to configure ElementAddon component. Options can be passed to the component via props.

type โ€‹

  • Type: string
  • Required: true
<ElementAddon type="before" ... />

The type of the addon. Possible values 'before' and 'after'.

Properties โ€‹

All the data, computed and inject properties of the component.

addon โ€‹

  • Type: string|Component
  • Group: computed

The content of the addon. If the addon is provided ss a function this contains the resolved value.

Size โ€‹

  • Type: string
  • Group: inject

The size of the component.

View โ€‹

  • Type: string
  • Group: computed

The name of the resolved view for the component. This one should be used to determine the component's view in class functions.

template โ€‹

  • Type: object
  • Group: computed

The component's template.

classes โ€‹

  • Type: object
  • Group: computed

The component's classes.

theme โ€‹

  • Type: object
  • Group: inject

The global theme object, which contains all the default templates and classes.

form$ โ€‹

  • Type: Vueform
  • Group: inject

The root form's component.

el$ โ€‹

  • Type: VueformElement
  • Group: inject

The parent element's component.

Slots โ€‹

The slots of the component.

default โ€‹

Renders the content of the addon if the type is not defined in the parent element's the addons option.

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