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Vueform | Vue form generator | SenseHawk
Vueform | Vue form generator | SenseHawk
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SenseHawk is an early-stage California-based developer of software-based management tools for the solar, construction, and infrastructure industries with operations in the United States, the UAE, and India. The SenseHawk Digitization Platform (SDP) SaaS helps with process optimization, automation, and asset information management.

Saideep (CTO) and Shravan (Senior Developer) sat down with us and shared their experience with Vueform.

A couple of years ago Sensehawk embarked on a journey to refactor their existing application, seeking to transform it from a vertical product to a versatile platform. In their pursuit of efficiency and enhanced user experience, they encountered challenges related to building a comprehensive form library. This case study delves into how Sensehawk discovered and integrated Vueform into their application, ultimately improving their form-building process greatly.

Sensehawk's application was founded on certain principles that became obsolete over time, necessitating a complete refactoring. They aimed to expand the application's capabilities and cater to various use cases. The need for a robust and flexible form-building solution arose due to the multitude of components like drop-downs, sliders, and form elements that the application required. The initial plan was to build their own form library, but challenges in terms of time, edge cases, user experience, and accessibility compelled them to explore alternative options.

“We started developing some fields with Inputs and Drop-downs on our own at first. But then I actually sketched out a small use case set for a simple input field, which turned out to be a lot of work. We were not even able to manage this simple case, and now imagine you have to build it for all the input/form components we needed.”

While searching for solutions, they discovered Vueform through online research and exploration. The decision to opt for Vueform was driven by its stability, comprehensive features, and potential to enhance both static and dynamically generated forms within their application.

They had two distinct use cases for forms in their application. The first encompassed static forms that remained consistent across different customers. The second involved empowering customers to create their unique forms using a drag-and-drop builder. Vueform was able to address both scenarios, streamlining the development and management of forms. They also utilized custom components, such as the signature field, which was integrated within the Vueform framework.

“I’m not a UI designer, so one major benefit I found was that we could take our Figma designs and use them with the Vueform Builder to actually build some of the forms we would need, to see if it works for us. Afterwards we made the decision to move forward with Vueform.”

Benefits and Improvements: The adoption of Vueform brought several benefits to Sensehawk's application development process. The ease of use and extensibility of Vueform allowed them to create custom components, such as the signature field with the integration of a third party service. Sensehawk particularly appreciated the extensibility, enabling them to customize and integrate components to match their application's unique requirements.

“The extensibility surprised us. We have been able to create our custom components fairly easily.”

The collaboration between Sensehawk and Vueform shines a light on the impact that the right form-building solution can have on an application's development process. By choosing Vueform, Sensehawk overcame challenges, streamlined form creation, and empowered their users.

Q: One thing you would improve about Vueform?

A: “To facilitate community collaboration it would be great to have some sort of public forum, which also increases the visibility of various approaches to certain challenges.”

Check out SenseHawk's integration of Vueform.

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Vueform | Vue form generator | Saideep Talari
Saideep Talari
CTO, SenseHawk

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