How BuildingComply Revolutionizes Property Management with Vueform Builder

Vueform | Vue form generator | BuildingComply
Vueform | Vue form generator | BuildingComply
BuildingComply • Cloud-based software suite designed to help managers fulfill the stringent requirements of the new Building Safety Act 2022.

BuildingComply provides property managers with essential tools to meet the demands of the new Building Safety Act 2022 (UK Legislature). This landmark legislation has ushered in a new era of safety and compliance in building management in the UK. The solution is a cloud based software platform designed to streamline and manage all of a building's compliance needs.

The founder and director of BuildingComply sat down with us and gave us some interesting insights into the company’s product journey, highlighting the role played by Vueform in streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and elevating client satisfaction.

To set the stage we’ll have a quick look at the starting conditions in the market that BuildingComply set out to disrupt:

Compliance Complexity: The New Building Safety Act 2022 introduced intricate compliance requirements that property managers needed to navigate. Manually managing these requirements proved to be a time-consuming and error-prone endeavor.

Efficiency Enhancement: To ensure seamless compliance and operational efficiency in building management, BuildingComply sought a solution that could simplify and expedite the creation of essential forms and checklists.

Integration and Customization: Given the diverse range of capabilities within the software, BuildingComply needed a way to seamlessly integrate various functionalities and tailor solutions to the unique needs of different clients.

"We initially considered developing an in-house, basic form builder option, which would have likely been a non-visual builder, similar to what some competing softwares offer. However, we soon realized that implementing a visual solution could greatly enhance the user experience and add extra appeal."

When deciding on an external solution to move forward with, Eren and his team put a strong emphasis on ease of use and documentation. The ultimate goal was to offer their clients (which are mostly non-technical users) a way to craft complex forms with ease.

“It’s an extra selling point for our software - an extra appeal, as it looks much better to our customers. Especially as our competitors are using non-visual editors, which makes it more difficult for clients that don’t have technical experience.”

Intuitive visual interfaces are vital in software development as they enhance user experience and accessibility. They should enable users from all backgrounds to interact with complex systems, making software more user-friendly. The visual aspect not only simplifies tasks but also improves the overall usability, resulting in greater user engagement and satisfaction.

Another important aspect of BuildingComply’s implementation of Vueform was the possibility to customize the builder. Eren mentions that he likes the flexibility, as it allows them to tailor the Builder Interface to specific use cases.

“One of the largest and most complex forms a user has created so far is a fire risk assessment form with roughly 30 tabs and more than 300 fields.”

With the use of Custom IDs BuildingComply also implemented a feature that made it easy to put all the inputs onto a newly generated PDF, which is often the format of choice in the compliance industry.

In conclusion, BuildingComply's partnership with Vueform yielded the following results:

Efficiency Gains: Vueform's drag-and-drop form builder reduces the time and effort required to create complex forms for non-technical users.

Enhanced Compliance: Vueform helps BuildingComply to empower property managers to meet the stringent compliance requirements of the new Building Safety Act 2022.

Tailored Solutions: Vueform's adaptability enabled BuildingComply to customize their product to cater to the distinct needs of their clients, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems.

We at Vueform are eager to see how BuildingComply will shape the building management compliance industry in the UK and beyond that. We’ll continue to work with Eren and his team to give them an edge over their direct competitors with the most intuitive form building solution out there.

Q: One thing you would improve about Vueform?

A: “We couldn’t find some specific documentation for the Builder off the bat. For example for handling locations and file uploading. Mainly things that require external integrations.”

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Vueform | Vue form generator | Eren Ince
Eren Ince
Founder & Director

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