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Vueform | Vue form generator | Scintido®
Vueform | Vue form generator | Scintido®
Scintido® • Software used by nuclear medicine departments of hospitals and nuclear medicine practices to document the production, quality control and application of radiopharmaceuticals.

WINKGEN MEDICAL SYSTEMS is a Specialist for Radiopharmacy Technology based in Germany. It was founded in 1986 and also specializes in ATMP-Technology, clean room technology and general planning.

Peter (CTO) and Wael (Senior Developer) took the time to share their experience with Vueform and how our Builder is implemented in their new laboratory software called scintido®.

As a pioneering player in the field of nuclear medicine, Winkgen has been striving to revolutionize the way healthcare professionals create and manage radioactive solutions for cancer cell tracing. One of their products is a software used by hospitals and doctors to create so-called radiopharmaceuticals, which are applied to patients to trace and to find cancer cells.

Forms in this process are used to collect the data required for the documentation of the production process of the radiopharmaceuticals as well as the treatment of the patients.

"We needed to provide various input forms that cater to the diverse methods and quality controls associated with different radioactive solutions and production kits. With numerous manufacturers offering distinct procedures, the need for individualized forms was overwhelming."

This in turn means that Winkgen needed a fast and easy way to create all those forms, in order to cater to a wide variety of use cases. The alternative would have been to create each form manually.

In the realm of medical software development, efficiency and precision are paramount. The company's journey took a leap forward with the integration of Vueform into their software suite, enabling them to overcome complex challenges while enhancing their product's usability.

"In the beginning we thought we could just build, program those 10-20 forms needed ourselves. But then we realized, if we really want to include the maximum number of manufacturers, most of their products and a wide variety of production- and quality control methods, we have to provide possibly hundreds of forms."

Winkgen now offers their clients a web-based application with an administration backend where the Vueform Builder is used by the Winkgen team to actually build and provide the custom forms.

Custom Elements

A notable aspect of Winkgen's implementation of Vueform was the development of custom elements to perform intricate tasks. These custom elements handle for example complex calculations and timers necessary for production procedures.

“We have one (custom calculation) for example that takes four fields and does a quality control calculation. In the backend we can set a value and say: this is the correct value, it’s valid. The custom element can take the four input fields, calculate it and then it gets validated through Vueform: Yes, this one passed or No, this one did not pass”

Another custom element they built is a timer that healthcare professionals can use to time certain steps as required by the manufacturer during the production or quality control (i.e. cooking a solution for 10 minutes or shaking it for five minutes). This is also useful as they will often step away from the computer, do another step in the process or start a new production, then come back and resume once the timer alerts them.


Wael found the implementation of Vueform to be straightforward, especially in terms of integration with their database.

"Vueform’s architecture is user-friendly and logical and we seamlessly integrated it into our software's administration backend.”

The user interface played a pivotal role in the software's success. Peter emphasizes,

"Our clients, including lab technicians and doctors, needed an intuitive platform to swiftly complete their tasks. Vueform’s web-based interface ensures ease of use and accessibility."

Success in a specialized Market

Winkgen's success story is already extending to trade fairs and market feedback, as Professionals in nuclear medicine appreciate the efficiency and precision the software offers. The market embraces the solution, which was tailored to the needs of nuclear medicine professionals and their daily lab work procedures.

Winkgen Medical Systems' experience with Vueform shows the transformative impact of technology on specialized markets. Through efficient input form creation, streamlined processes, and innovative custom elements, Vueform played an important role in elevating the precision and usability of scintido®.

We very much appreciate the insights and inputs and are looking forward to a long successful partnership with Winkgen Medical Systems.

Q: One thing you would improve about Vueform?

A: “While Vueform supports localization, we found that customizing error messages directly within the builder could be beneficial. It would allow us to align error messages with our software's unique context and user base.”

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Vueform | Vue form generator | Peter Nocken
Peter Nocken
CTO, scintido®

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