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Vueform | Vue form generator | HOMLI
Vueform | Vue form generator | HOMLI
HOMLI • Service provider in Europe's real estate sector

HOMLI is an innovative service provider in Europe's real estate sector. Established in 2021, they are committed to infusing technology into the brokerage process, making property transactions smoother for clients across (right now) Greece and Spain. Their goal is to turn the transaction of a real estate property from a stressful and opaque process to a pleasant experience.

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HOMLI’s early success did not go unnoticed by renowned accelerator Y-Combinator, when accepting them into their Summer 2022 cohort.

Co-Founder Tim Ioannidis took some time and shared how they integrated Vueform and the benefits it has brought to their operations since they started using it mid-2022.

With a team of around 20 professionals, roughly half is product oriented. Their approach involves a tech-driven brokerage service that leverages innovative solutions to simplify property transactions. However, the intricacies of real estate posed challenges that demanded an efficient form management solution. This is where Vuefom comes into play.

“I was Googling around for something that would give us forms with validation out of the box, without me having to do all of that. And I did actually try another product before yours, because it was almost free, but it didn’t work very well.”

HOMLI had the need for a ready-made form building solution with built-in validation and a wide variety of readily available elements. This search led them to Vueform, offering a time-saving solution to form creation and validation.

They currently have two web applications. One is the server-side rendered public website. This one is pretty lightweight and doesn’t have any complex elements. The second, and this is where Vueform is used extensively, is the internal admin dashboard. Here their customer facing colleagues can find a set of tools that helps them to manage their work processes. It’s like a custom ERP/CRM system tailored to their needs.

“My main pain point Initially was that we were trying to build a simple form. And we have to take care of validation, formatting, everything. And we're using separate packages and it was a huge pain. Even if you needed one single thing that wasn't supported, you had to go in, install another package, and it was a big mess. So it was nice finding something that I was essentially out of the box supporting many of the things that in my mind should be supported when you're doing forms [...]”

Tim highlights how Vueform streamlined their development process. Instead of dealing with multiple packages, they found these functionalities readily available in Vueform, accelerating their development while maintaining code quality. The product's inherent support for common form-related tasks became integral to their service.

“In contrast to other frameworks, it felt very easy to work with. It’s been extremely helpful to see all the elements and properties in the documentation, which allowed us to do most of the things we wanted to do on our own.”

We believe, HOMLI's journey with Vueform so far exemplifies technology's impact on startup growth. Vueform has become integral to HOMLI's innovative approach in the real estate market.

We at Vueform are grateful for the continuous partnership with HOMLI and the insights Tim gave us on their use case.

Q: One thing you would improve about Vueform?

A: “It would be great if Vueform also supported advanced audio and video files handling. That would open up even more possibilities and enhance user experience further”

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Vueform | Vue form generator | Tim Ioannidis
Tim Ioannidis
Co-founder, HOMLI

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