New/Mode's Journey with Vueform Builder to Enhance Civic Engagement

Vueform | Vue form generator | New/Mode
Vueform | Vue form generator | New/Mode
New/Mode • Multi-channel advocacy and civic engagement platform

New/Mode is on a mission to empower real people and communities to participate in decisions that impact their lives. Their multi-channel advocacy and civic engagement platform helps the world's most important causes activate grassroots support, reach decision-makers, and win campaigns on the issues.

Founded in 2016, New/Mode is proud to be supported and owned by a network of non-profit organizations and social impact investors. Among their partners and clients are organizations like Greenpeace, CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees) or Amnesty International Canada.

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New/Mode’s CTO Andrew Lindsay gave us some insights into how implementing Vueform simplified their form creation process.

In this success story, we explore how a startup focused on supporting progressive NGOs leveraged Vueform to enhance their product offering. The company, which is based in Canada and the US, sought to revolutionize the way nonprofits interact with their supporters through customizable and accessible web forms. Let’s dive into their journey of discovery, integration, and collaboration with Vueform to achieve their goals.

New/Mode, driven by a product team with extensive experience in web development and open source software, aimed to create a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform catering to progressive NGOs. Their primary goal was to provide embeddable and accessible forms that supporters could use to participate in campaigns, make calls, send faxes, and more. They identified the need for an efficient form-building solution and embarked on the journey to find the right tool.

“We, as an organization and as developers have typically only ever worked with open source Software. So this has been a bit of an experiment for us.”

Their software was initially PHP based and the company only recently decided to transition to a more modern system that uses a Vue frontend and PHP based backend. Which means the team was relatively new to Vue when they started using Vueform. They did however have a lot of experience with form interfaces in general, including making them as accessible as possible.

“When the Vueform builder was released we had a look at it, and it was actually pretty close to the designs we have been making for a form builder that we were intending to build ourselves.”

New/Mode has two primary use cases for their forms: static forms consistent across various clients, and customizable forms for clients to create their campaigns. However, the startup's use cases were complex and required specific features like custom image uploads and accessibility considerations. The initial integration was smooth, but challenges emerged when enhancing accessibility.

“We faced a handful of roadblocks, especially around accessibility. So we did a lot of work with Adam, to get Vueform to a point where people can effectively use it with a screen reader and interact with it.”

New/Mode is deeply involved with technical experts to support people with visual impairments or other forms of accessibility issues on all kinds of devices, including screen readers. This is especially important as their service reaches more than 3 million people a day at peak times. With joint effort, Vueform worked with New/Mode’s accessibility experts to address accessibility concerns, making the Vueform and the builder more user-friendly for screen reader users.

New/Mode found various benefits by choosing Vueform for their application. The platform saved them significant development time, allowing them to focus on enhancing other aspects of their product. The collaboration with the Vueform team helped them overcome challenges and ensured that their custom requirements were met. The ready-to-use form builder aligned closely with their original design, while at the same time allowing for extensive customization.

As New/Mode continues to grow, they envision expanding their offerings and client base. They expressed interest in further enhancing Vueform’s capabilities, particularly by integrating an image component that seamlessly supports custom image uploading mechanisms. The startup's collaboration with Vueform is ongoing, as they work together to refine and expand the platform's features to meet evolving needs.

By choosing Vueform, the startup streamlined form-building processes, delivered accessibility-focused solutions, and empowered NGOs to engage their supporters effectively. Their case underscores the potential of collaboration between innovative startups and technology solutions like Vueform to create positive impacts on various sectors.

We are proud to support New/Mode in their cause and are looking forward to our continued collaboration.

Q: One thing you would improve about Vueform?

A: “There were occasions when we had the need for documentation on highly customized components and elements. If you could add more of it, that would be great”

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Vueform | Vue form generator | Andrew Lindsay
Andrew Lindsay
CTO, New/Mode

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