Vueform is Now Open-Source 🔥

20 October, 2023

Adam Berecz

It’s not so long ago that you heard from us, but here we are again, with a major announcement:

tl;dr: As of today, Vueform has become open-source and available on GitHub under MIT license, including all its elements and features. In recent weeks, we've engaged in numerous conversations with talented developers from around the globe. As a result, we've made the decision to make Vueform accessible to the widest possible audience, and we extend an open invitation to everyone to get involved. Check it out and consider giving us a star to help bring it to the attention of more developers:

Here's the short story long:

I've always believed that the ultimate luxury in life is the freedom to spend your time doing what you love most. I consider myself fortunate to have discovered my passion for coding early in life. It has taken me through various phases of a developer's journey - from being an employee to freelancing, launching startups, running an agency, and more. But sometimes, during all these experiences, I felt a bit distant from the core joy of coding.

It was when I began working on Vueform (formerly known as Laraform) that joy came rushing back. I realized that if I wanted to have a fulfilling profession, this was the direction I needed to steer. But to truly embrace this path and give it my all, I had to figure out how to make it financially sustainable. The open-source world was a marathon I was hesitant to join, especially since GitHub didn't even have a sponsorship program at the time. I also often felt that many developers shared their work freely simply because they didn't know how to profit from it, even if they wanted to.

So, I took a wild shot. I decided to defy the norm of nearly all open-source libraries and aimed to create something so unique that folks would be eager to purchase. To my surprise, it worked. Early sales were promising, and I was able to commit to it full-time, working solo.

Over the course of five years, I dedicated myself to Vueform. During this time, I went through a burnout, weathered breakups, mourned the loss of a family member, endured countless sleepless nights from back pain, and grappled with the challenges of isolation. Coding remained my passion all along the way and it has helped me through a lot.

After dozens of conversations with great developers, there was never a question about what the community is looking and hoping for and a few days ago, while updating one of my open-source projects, I had an epiphany. There's an unparalleled sense of fulfillment in knowing that what I craft with care and passion is out there, helping others in their everyday work. And in that moment, I recognized the true essence of what I've been striving for with Vueform. I'm fortunate that Vueform, as a company, now supports me and my team in the exact way I had envisioned: letting us focus on what we love and making a positive impact for others. To elevate this mission further, I realized it's time to take a bold leap forward.

Vueform has always been like a child to me. And as any parent would, I want to see it reach its full potential. I believe that by keeping it close, I may have inadvertently limited its exposure and growth. But it's time for Vueform to thrive, to be embraced and enriched by a wider community. I genuinely believe that open-sourcing Vueform will empower more developers to tackle the often tedious task of coding forms. Especially now with Vueform Builder (which remains to be a paid product), they can achieve this even without coding, potentially enabling those without coding expertise to do the same.

It's a moment of evolution and growth, not just for Vueform, but for me as well. I'm looking forward to seeing the incredible things the community will achieve with it!

Join the Vueform journey!

Your support means the world to us, and we invite you to be a part of Vueform’s exciting new chapter. If you find value in what we’re doing, consider giving us a star on GitHub to help bring Vueform to the attention of more amazing developers like you.

Moreover, collaboration is the heartbeat of open-source projects, and we warmly welcome contributors who'd like to join us on this journey. Whether it’s through code contributions, sharing insights, or spreading the word, your involvement will undoubtedly help Vueform and our community.

Also, don’t forget to join our Discord community where we continue the conversation, share updates, and collaborate on new ideas. We're excited to welcome you!

Adam Berecz
Founder of Vueform
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