1.2.2 release

Release date: 11 May, 2022

Breaking changes

  • CheckboxgroupCheckbox_blocks & RadiogroupRadio_blocks are now using item.label instead of item.name for label.
  • RadiogroupElement's & CheckboxgroupElement's resolvedOptions are now provided as an array of objects instead of a plain object.
  • disabled option receives el$ as it's first param instead of form$.
  • Vueform's formData option should now return FormData object instead of plain object if multipart/form-data is expected to be submitted. Learn more
  • items and nativeItems got renamed to resolvedOptions in SelectElement, MultiselectElement & TagsElement templates.


  • Default theme colors changed from blue to Vueform green.
  • ElementLabel font size alignes with input font size.
  • Added id attrs to ListElement 'add' & 'remove' buttons.
  • Date format error only throws console warn instead of error.
  • Element functional conditions receives the element component instance as second param.
  • Elements's @change event receives the component instance as third param.
  • Vueform's @change event receives the Vueform component instance as a third prop.
  • Added mounted prop to Vueform.
  • Added updateConditions method to update conditions when they change.
  • Added @blur event to TextElement & TTextElement.
  • valueProp & labelProp is now available for native SelectElement as well.
  • Multiselect selected options label can be provided as string with multipleLabelSingle & multipleLabelMultiple options.
  • Float placeholders can be disabled for elements separately with floating: false.
  • Checkbox group, radio group, select, multiselect & tags items can be provided as strings that will be interpreted as a remote source that loads automatically.
  • Added el$ & Event params to ButtonElement onClick option.
  • Added id option to ButtonElement.
  • Conditions can be disabled globally with disableConditions & enableConditions.
  • ElementInfo position can be set with tooltipPosition option and automatically repositions itself if out of window.

Bug fixes

  • File sort handle positioning & background color fix.
  • Checkboxes keep primary background & checked border color when hovered.
  • StaticElement container receives container class even when not wrapped.
  • FileElement dynamic preview update fix.
  • Added missing wrapper class to ElementLabel's wrapping .
  • DateElement disables property accepts dates in valueFormat.
  • When only a file url or method is provided the other prop will be filled from config.
  • Datepicker get reinitalized when options change.
  • Recognize addons from schema slots.
  • Tailwind input-border height fix.
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