1.2.0 release

Release date: 26 February, 2022

Breaking changes

  • The tailwind and vueform theme class names and utility classes got changed globally. Default styles are mostly identical, but modified classes should be reviewed.
  • The following options got renamed: extendClass -> addClass, extendClasses -> addClasses, replaceClass -> overrideClass, replaceClasses -> overrideClasses.


  • Replaced flex based grid system with grid.
  • Added size, view, views, presets, addClass, addClasses, replaceClass, replaceClasses, removeClass, removeClasses, overrideClass and overrideClasses options.
  • Added alternative views for CheckboxgroupElement & RadiogroupElement.
  • Added 2 new size alternatives: sm, lg.
  • Added 3 new themes: bootstrap, material, tailwind-material.
  • Added class helpers utility.
  • Added support for dynamic classes.
  • Added plugin system.
  • Added element creator.

Bug fixes

  • Improved support for Tailwind CSS 3.
  • Vueform submit endpoint can be disabled with :endpoint="false".


  • Added installation wizard.
  • Added Troubleshooting, Plugins & Creating elements chapter.
  • Merged 'Using Themes' and 'Customizing Styles and Layout' into 'Styles and Layout' chapter.
Table of contents