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Adam Berecz · 29 Nov · 7 mins
Vueform, Pre-Release

It’s been more than 1 year since I started working on the current version of Vueform, and finally, the moment has come: Vueform pre-release is LIVE!

I can’t express in words how excited and grateful I am that almost 1,000 people have subscribed to the waiting list since the beginning of the year. Some of you might know that it’s been a long ride full of rollercoasters, so I'd like to say a big thank you for your patience!

Without wasting any more time, let’s dive right into discussing the features of Vueform’s very first released version, besides summarizing its story as well as my plans for the future!

Vueform – The story

There’s no reason to lie: writing codes by hand for your forms is a pain in the ass.

Hunting for form element snippets on GitHub, integrating them into your project, or writing your own forms from zero and then fixing bugs takes loads of time and energy. Not to talk about the headache you get when you have to outsource complex parts of the frontend code or need to revise your own project months or years later.

So, during the past 15 years of my developer career, I had this question constantly in my mind:

“Is there a way to standardize and speed up the process (and save you some nerves)?”

The beginnings

Around 2016, when my agency really struggled with the workload, I finally decided to come up with an answer for this question.

Within a few months, I managed to create the first version of the software that proved to be successful within the company: from that point forward we were able to complete our projects in time, even with fewer bugs! Our customers became more satisfied, and developers were also glad to have some weight off their shoulders. So, I thought this is something others could also benefit from.

After a few years of trial and error, I managed to get to a version that I could finally proudly present in front of a wider community. In 2019, I launched that provided a fairly advanced form generator specifically for Laravel projects. It was well received by the audience:

"I recently discovered your package and my jaw hit the floor. What a beautiful and amazing product." — Josh V., United States

"Again, I would like to say millions thanks to you and appreciate for all your effort in creating such an amazing platform for our Laravel's community." — Liang L., Malaysia

"Ps: you have created something incredible, I congratulate you and I am glad that there are programmers who see areas of opportunity for others to develop, an honor, crack." — Gabriel C., Mexico

New directions

Getting enthusiastic about these positive instances of feedback, I decided to create a much more generic version, dropping the backend part for the time being and focusing specifically on Vue.js.

I rolled up my sleeves again and dived into creating a solution that makes developers’ lives as comfortable as possible. It might sound cliché, but I really tried to get the best out of everything. I can’t even remember how often I started all over again when I felt it could be done even better.

Finally, the software arrived to a point where I felt: it's ready!

The first version of Vueform was born.

What makes me particularly satisfied at this point is that it’s already got enough functionality and features to handle even complex use cases. Stability is guaranteed by 5,000+ automated tests running in both Vue 2 and 3 environments. The documentation contains a fairly detailed API description and essentials guide.

Regarding complex examples, it’s clear that we’re at the beginning of our journey. The good news is, we’re already working on having much more!

So, what exactly is Vueform?

Vueform is a generic form builder tool intended to make form creation a breeze.

Since Vueform standardizes every aspect of form development, it spares developers a great deal of time and energy while increasing the overall quality of their codebase. If you’re looking for a tool that can fully replace the traditional way of developing forms, Vueform is the thing you need. And by “fully” I mean: every single step.

Such as:

  • displaying and theming elements (with Tailwind support);
  • using advanced elements (e.g., sliders, text editor, or nested or repeatable elements) with ease;
  • creating conditional form elements, tabs, or steps;
  • validating user input with 54 built-in validators;
  • breaking forms into steps;
  • processing data and response;
  • translating the content of forms.

In short, Vueform makes form development simpler, faster, and more enjoyable. Additionally, you can easily integrate it into any existing system or extend it as you like.

Why it’s worth joining our Pre-Release Program

Before letting Vueform embark on its journey to conquer the world, I’d like to pre-release it to a smaller community that would have its say in fine-tuning the software and its supporting materials.

The advantage of joining now?

Apart from benefitting from considerably lower prices, the first 100 developers joining our Pre-Release Program will have the opportunity to join our VIP Discord channel as well as feedback sessions. This way, we’ll be able to fine-tune Vueform and see if the basics can still be improved.

The nitty-gritty details

You can either join our Pre-Release Program as an individual developer or as a team.

Developer license

If you’re a developer, you can buy the individual license that grants you immediate access to the library so that you can jump right into creating your first form in minutes instead of hours! Within 1 year of purchase, you’ll receive updates, comprehensive support, and you’ll also have the opportunity to vote on new features and updates once we have that feature ready.

This means that for 1 year, you can create any kind of software with Vueform and release it for production. These applications will run without any restrictions in the future.

However, after the one year runs out, you’ll not be able to create new projects with Vueform or update existing ones without renewing your subscription. In other words: projects that are already live will be running smoothly without any time limit; however, if you want to modify any of them or create a new one, you need to have an active subscription.

Team license

If you purchase as a team, the difference is that once you’ve bought your license, you won't need to renew it to either modify existing projects or create new ones. Your subscription will grant 5+ developers the right to use Vueform within your company, without any time restrictions. However, after the one year runs out, updates, support, and voting will only be available if you renew your subscription.

Regarding our Pre-Release Program, this also means that if someone purchases a team license, 5 of our 100 places will already be taken! One company is allowed to purchase access for up to 20 developers. Enrollment for the program will end automatically when the 100 “seats” are sold.

So, it’s worth hurrying up! In addition to the opportunity of joining our Pre-Release Program, special discounts are available for our fastest supporters! Check them out, and make sure to join today:

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What about our future plans?

Without giving away too much information, we’re determined to devote all our time in the coming years to making your life easier and better with the help of Vueform.

Here’re a few examples of what we’re up to.

Core system development

Without question, we’ll continue to improve the system. Just as a few examples, we’ll regularly add new elements, improve the features of existing ones, extend the number of supported CSS frameworks, and constantly optimize the codebase.

Voting system

We’d like you to have a say in the developments. In addition to taking your feedback into account, we’ll also create a community page where we can brainstorm, discuss various topics, and vote on developments together. This way, we’d like to build an active community where everyone can share their opinion, and new ideas can emerge.

Open-source development

In addition to the already existing Vueform library, we’d like to create new ones that you can use with or without Vueform. Furthermore, we’d like to give our community the opportunity to develop add-ons, themes as well as sample code for Vueform and publish them on our sites.

Example collection

Imagine how easy your life would be if you were working on a dating site or a job search engine, and 80% of your forms were all set before you even lifted a finger?

That’s something we’re already working on! Once it’s ready, you’ll have a thematic form collection at your fingertips which will not only provide more pre-built solutions for classic cases such as registration or checkout, but it’ll also include the most popular form types for a given topic!

The list of our plans goes on…

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